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Cluj City Center  
Cluj City Center

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Executive offices (Class A)

Cluj City Center offers to its clients over 5000 sqm. of A class offices, on 3 levels.


Generous spaces of over 1200 sqm with a high level of comfort and technical and functional facilities are available for costumers, on each floor.


Ground floor:

  • total floor area: 1,123 sqm
  • available for rent: 617 sqm
  • partitioning possible in 42-430 sqm office spaces

First floor:

  • total floor area 1.387 square meters useful
  • available for rent: 1010 sqm
  • partitioning possible in 132-1010 sqm office spaces

Second floor:

  • total floor area 1.287 square meters useful
  • available for rent: 80 sqm
  • partitioning possible in 80 sqm office spaces

Successful multinational companies like: Arrow Electronice, New Yorker, Hores, Boscolo & Partners, Beep Media, Recall, Weber activate in Cluj City Center.


Our customers enjoy technical and functional details at the highest level of quality:

  • supervised access (both for the parking area and the office/commercial area)
  • soft power equipment
  • private thermal station
  • three cameral aluminum double-glazed, float window
  • 3 elevators serving the public access to offices and apartments
  • office ventilation converter: heating and air-conditioning
  • indoor finishing options
  • bathrooms on each level
  • night lightening
  • integrated services for the business environment
  • underground parking. The first 15 minutes are free of charge!

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